Although the router may be working “normally” in front of your parents, malfunctioning has some serious risks. Recently, the world of Wi-Fi has moved a lot: the old WPA 2 security protocol was simply a thing of the past and the world adopted WPA 3.

WPA 3 also started in 2018, and from 2020 all new Wi-Fi devices were built as a standard. Although WPA 2 is still supported, the level of encryption provided by WPA 3 is greater and the upgrade is worth it. But support for WPA 2 has been removed, and this makes things even more difficult. Traditional Wi-Fi security protocols open up your parent’s network, and every device connected to it, to potential intruders.

While chances are they don’t trust online banking, there may still be personal information on the phones, tablets, and computers your people are using. Special and high-end routers can cost several hundred dollars, but there are many on the market at reasonable prices. You can upgrade your parents’ internet security and give them access to high-speed connections, such as Wi-Fi 6e, for very little money.

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