Google Photos makes it easy to search for faces. The application combines all the photos it finds of the same face, regardless of whether you have given the person a name or created any other association manually.

The easiest way to get started is to click on the search button. At the bottom of the proposed search there is a line of faces, nine circular images, each with a Google face found in your database. To see pictures of that face, just click on the picture. Click the “view all” link under the face bar to display the People & Pets page with large, square images of the featured faces.

This function will allow you to verify if two images are the same face so that it can combine the faces and bring better results. If you don’t like the photo that’s been selected for the top, just click on the face, click the circle icon in the upper left corner, and choose another photo to represent that person in the search. While there, you can also add a person’s name to get faster results.

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One should follow Google’s method: It indexes and ALL groups focus on EVERY image in your Google Photos archive. If you take a bunch of photos for news stories, for example, Google Photos will show those faces alongside those of your favorite people. You can change the view you see, but doing so only hides the face instead of removing it.

Google recently expanded the site’s name to People & Pets – mostly cats and dogs – so you can find your fur babies too. To reflect this change, People & Pets is also available at the top of the Explore page.

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