The Sirui ET-1204 carbon fiber tripod weighs 2.4 pounds and can carry up to 17.6 pounds, plenty for changing multiple cameras and lenses. If you’re expecting a heavier weight requirement, it’s worth noting that the similarly designed, slightly more expensive—and slightly less stable—ET-2204 supports up to 26.5 pounds for larger lenses, though it’s also half a pound heavier.

This example is one of the few that we have found that includes both medium and short sections. The combination of all these makes it easy to use the same tripod in different places and in different places. The short section allows this tripod to go down to 5.1 inches. Keep in mind, however, that when it does, the legs stick out, which means that the ET-1204 requires a larger footrest than the top-mounted splitter. It can also stand up to 55.1 inches.

The tripod legs fold back to 16.5 inches, which is a bit large for most bags. The tripod legs have four sections, each of which can be adjusted using a surprisingly large lock. The two legs are covered, too. The rubber feet also include metal studs for stability.

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You can buy the Sirui ET-1204 for $200 at B&H Photo. If you like the design of this tripod and are willing to trade off weight for money, Sirui has an aluminum version that weighs half a pound but will save you $60 at B&H Photo, where it retails for $140. Finally, the high-powered Sirui ET-2204 retails for $250 at B&H Photo.

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