At the time of its release in 1997, the CBR1100XX was considered the fastest motorcycle in the world. Top speed was reported to be north of 180 mph, although in reality, it was probably a few mph below that number. The dash was impressive though, with Cycle World reporting a quarter time of 10.25 seconds. The CBR1100XX’s biggest advantage was that it was as versatile as it was fast. If need be, it can act as a gentle cruiser on the highway, even take it to the back roads and it’s another beast.

The CBR1100XX was also more suitable for touring than most superbikes, being comfortable over long distances and less thirsty, at least at legal speeds. It will eventually be bested the word used by the Suzuki motorcycle, Hayabusa, revealed in 1999, but despite its short reign, it is still one of the fastest Honda motorcycles to date.

[Featured image by Leonhartsberger via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and scaled | Public Domain]

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