Comedian and TV host Jay Leno’s car collection it was written so well because of “Jay Leno’s Garage,” and they have so many gems that it’s hard to single out just one. However, his McLaren F1 is the best, if nothing else because he is one of the most famous people to own one that hasn’t crashed. Elon Musk messed up his model by showing his girlfriend, and Rowan Atkinson crashed his F1 – not once but twice – before selling it.

Leno thankfully avoided such problems, though, as he confirmed in his review of his car YouTube way, he’s not afraid to divert as much energy as he can along the way. Although it is unlikely that Leno will decide to sell the car, if he does, he can expect a good return on his initial investment. In 2021, the white model sold for more than $20 million, and with a well-known owner, Leno’s model could fetch this or more when it crosses the auction block.

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