Like the Nintendo DS and 3DS, the Nintendo 64 was a great platform. Nintendo took its first steps into the 3D sector, which led to the company’s most respected titles, including “Super Mario 64” and “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.” But then again, like the DS/3DS, some games had very painful control schemes, emphasis on the word “blister.”

One of the most popular games for the Nintendo 64 was “Mario Party.” Each entry consisted of mini-games played with different control systems. Some required players to communicate with their hands, others relied on luck, and others had participants click buttons and analog sticks as fast as possible. This third control system is what caused some of Nintendo’s problems.

Since the Nintendo 64 was released before console manufacturers had found a good controller, the peripheral had a unique three-prong design with an analog stick in the middle. After players won the mini-game “Mario Party” that involved analog sticks, many used their hands. When used properly, the stick is harmless, but many “Mario Party” players have swung it so hard that it has resulted in cuts, blisters, ulcers, and burns. The injury was so bad that one child had to get a tetanus shot. Nintendo was later sued for this, and to settle the lawsuit, the company offered free gloves to prevent future injuries. When Nintendo re-released the “Mario Party” titles for future entertainment, the company added warnings telling players not to rotate their sticks using their hands.

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